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The Story of Google and the Long-Tailed Keyword | Omar Kattan - New Age AdMan

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You may know them as long-tailed keywords or keyword phrases. The term long-tailed keyword can be confusing; it gives the impression all the words are, in fact, keywords, and this is not true. Keyword phrase is a better name, but whichever you use seems to be widely acceptable.

Some people can’t decide on either so throw them together into ‘long-tailed keyword phrase’. This one is really a misnomer: a phrase cannot actually be ‘long-tailed’. However, each to their own, and whatever they are called, the meaning is the same.

For anyone not familiar with either of these terms, a long-tailed keyword is simply a realistic search engine query, such as:

“Good seafood restaurant in Dubai”.

Looking at the above, it appears keyword phrase is more apt. You could get fancy like some SEO companies and name it a ‘qualitative keyword phrase with a geographical quantifier’. But that just sounds ridiculous.

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