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New Link Disavow Tool: Is It Google’s Trojan Horse? | Omar Kattan - New Age AdMan

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It has been said that one of the golden rules to SEO success is a healthy level of paranoia. The financial stability of thousands of webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers are almost entirely dependent on the traffic that is generated from search engine queries.

This provides a lot of incentive for anxiety and paranoia. With so much at stake, a great number of those working with SEO are in a constant state of suspense, trying to anxiously predict Google’s next big move.

This time, however, an algorithm update isn’t to blame for the panic and sensationalism hitting SEO blogs and inner circles. All the commotion is over an addition to Google’s Webmaster Tools that allows one to disavow low quality links. This comes several months after Bing launched a disavow tool that worked for both Yahoo and it’s own search engine.

When Matt Cutts announced the launch of Google’s disavow tool on October 16th, it took no one by surprise.

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