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Negative SEO: 3 Tips to Fight Back | Omar Kattan - New Age AdMan

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Negative SEO is a big buzzword online right now.

Following the release of the Google disavow links tool, a possible admission that links from so-called “bad neighborhoods” can have a detrimental impact on your rankings, negative SEO has suddenly come to the attention of every webmaster.

Negative SEO, at its most insidious, involves another webmaster or third party deliberately building spam links to your website, in order to provoke Google into lowering your search engine rankings. Spam links, especially those from dubious websites (frequently featuring explicit material or gibberish content) can have a detrimental impact on the ranking of your website. Common examples of spam links include meaningless blog comments and links from websites with pornographic content. Too many spam links pointing to your site signals poor quality, which means your Google rankings will drop.

An unscrupulous competitor could easily engage in negative SEO with some basic link building software; there are even negative SEO services available online, which allow you to hire someone to do this very dirty work for you.

Negative SEO could therefor be harming your online business and web presence. This is particularly the case if you operate a small website that does not have a high Google PageRank,

or a large amount of quality backlinks.

You can fight back against a negative SEO attack with the following 3 tip…

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