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SEO in 2013: Your Survival Guide | Omar Kattan - New Age AdMan

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As 2012 comes to its conclusion, many people are left asking themselves a gloomy question. Is the end near? While the majority do not take Mayan prophecy literally, the underlying question is one that has been eating away at mankind for centuries. How long will the world as we know it last? In a universe that is ever changing, you will always find yourself up against uncontrollable variables. In this way, the universe is a lot like SEO.

One is forced to either evolve or die. You can accept change or let it kill you. In the last few years, the world of online marketing has witnessed many dramatic shifts that drastically altered the future of SEO. Each algorithm updatereleased by Google brings with it another death nail for lazy Internet marketers. Old school SEO gold such as article marketing, automated blog commenting, and exact match anchor text now have the potential to be toxic to search engine traffic. Despite all the chaos, SEO is still alive and well. One must always be aware, pro-active, and able to adapt. Below is a guide to SERP survival in 2013.

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