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Repurposing Content: Digging Up Digital Gold - Sandstorm Digital

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Content sitting forgotten in back catalogs is like a physical asset that a business has stored away to collect dust when it could be producing revenue. It’s a complete waste.

Performing a content audit is often the first step, as it allows webmasters and managers to obtain a thorough understanding of their inventory of back cataloged content and how that content might be reused and repurposed to meet new ends.

Once the back catalog has been combed through, the ways content can be repurposed are many and varied.

Transforming content to a different type of media, and combining content on similar topics into larger works are just two of the many ways that material can be given new life.

Omar Kattan - New Age AdMan's insight:

Not only does old content have significant value – even before it’s repurposed – but making use of it is often so simple, so easy, and so low cost, that it just doesn’t make sense not to dig in and find new ways to give it life.

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